Ubuntu Desktop 18.04.2

Ubuntu Desktop 18.04.2

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Create Date July 2, 2019
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This Ubuntu Desktop 18.04.2 OVA was created in VMware Workstation using basic common sense. It is as good or better than other desktop OS; far better than Windows 10 and every bit as aesthetically pleasing as an Apple OS - all without the frustration of having a vendor like Microsoft or Apple knowing "what's best for you"

  • The username ("A User") is: administrator
  • The password for administrator is: P@ssw0rd
  • root is available after logging in as administrator by using the command: su -
  • The password for root is: P@ssw0rd

Here are some simple steps to get started:

  1. Import the OVA to your hypervisor
  2. Connect with the username: administrator and password: P@ssw0rd
  3. Open: Terminal
  4. Once connected, type: su -
  5. When prompted for the root user password, type: P@ssword
  6. Change the password for administrator by typing: passwd administrator
  7. Change the password for root by typing: passwd: root
  8. Change the server hostname by editing the file: /etc/hostname
  9. Reboot by typing: reboot NOTE: This is now your server!

John Borhek

John Borhek (VCP 3-6.5) is the IT Director and Lead Solutions Architect at VMsources Group Inc. and an active consultant specializing in VMware vSphere, Linux, Networking and Infrastructure Design.

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