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VMware Photon OS 3

Photon OS is VMware’s own version of Linux, optimized specifically to run as a VM. It is very RHEL-Like, so it will be a welcome improvement for VMware users who have been adapting to SUSE in recent years. I DO believe in working AS the root user (instead of all the ‘sudo’ garbage) but I DO NOT believe in allowing
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Ubuntu Desktop 18.04.2

This Ubuntu Desktop 18.04.2 OVA was created in VMware Workstation using basic common sense. It is as good or better than other desktop OS; far better than Windows 10 and every bit as aesthetically pleasing as an Apple OS – all without the frustration of having a vendor like Microsoft or Apple knowing “what’s best
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Ubuntu Server 18.04.2

This Ubuntu Server 18.04.2 OVA was created in VMware Workstation using basic common sense. I DO believe in working AS the root user (instead of all the ‘sudo’ garbage) but I DO NOT believe in allowing direct root access, so you’ll have to su. The username is: administrator The password for administrator is: P@ssw0rd SSH
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Scientific Linux 7 Desktop

A Scientific Linux 7 Desktop which has been packaged as a Virtual Appliance (OVA). Username is: administrator administrator password is: P@ssw0rd root password is: P@ssw0rd  (you can su -) THE VIRTUAL APPLIANCE (OVA) IS PROVIDED “AS IS”, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.

OVF and OVA formatted Virtual Appliances

The Open Virtual machine Format (OVF) originally came about in 2007 as the result of a proposal by vendors (VMware, HP, Dell and others) to the Distributed Management Task Force (DTMF), the goal being to create an open standard for interchangeability (portability) of Virtual Machines between hypervisors. VMware was an early and enthusiastic adopter of
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