Setting the coredump partition when using vSAN

I was designing a customer vSAN deployment and I came across the guidelines and formula for calculating the required ESXi Coredump partition size:

Right away, I started working the formula for my customers deployment, when it occurred to me; this is WAY more complicated than it needs to be!

VMware actually wants you to take a number (the size of SSD in GB), divide by 100, multiply by 0.181 and then multiply by 0.25. Ridiculous!

  • Why not just multiply by 0.0045, it is exactly the same thing!

Here is my, simplified way of calculating the coredump partition required for ESXi when using vSAN 6.5+:

Multiplier Worked example: 1 Disk Group, 1TB DRAM, 600GB SSD
Base (3.981) 0.995 0.995
For every 100GB SSD 0.00045 .27
For each disk group 0.33 0.33
For each TB DRAM 2.56 2.56
Total 4.155

Here is VMware’s much more complicated way of calculating the required coredump partition for vSAN:

VMware formula for calculating vSAN coredump partition
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