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Group Policy Management Access is Denied

I spent all morning chasing an annoying error in Group Policy Management while trying to delete an old unused OU while logged in as Domain Admin: Group Policy Management Access is Denied

I thought I would share the remarkably simple solution here, because I spent all morning following erroneous posts on various sites. Everyone seemed to be pointing to delegation or AD replication or permissions – none of which were the case!

Ultimately, I was unable to delete the OU from Group Policy Management because it was protected in Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) where a property was set: Prevent this object from accidental deletion.

Active Directory Users and Computers > Advanced Features > Objects Tab

Here’s the fix:

  1. Open ADUC
  2. In ADUC, got to: View > Advanced Features
  3. Choose the: Object tab
  4. Uncheck: Protect Object from accidental deletion
  5. Right-click on object and: Delete


About: John Borhek

John Borhek is the CEO and Lead Solutions Architect at VMsources Group Inc. John has soup-to-nuts experience in Mission Critical Infrastructure, specializing in hyper-convergence and Cloud Computing, engaging with organizations all over the United States and throughout the Americas.

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